Monday, January 18, 2010

McFatty Monday - I'm still in a bad mood . . .

So far, I'm down 2 pounds.
If we count from the time I decided I was too fat to be a trophy wife, I have lost over 20. But today, I don't want to count from that date. I just want to be mopey and sulky and bitchy.
Took another test today. It was negative. I KNOW SHOCKER RIGHT? My bf Ronnie thinks I should go in for a blood test because how is it possible that I am 30 days late? I must be pregnant right? Right? RIGHT???
The answer is no. I am not.
So yay for me and my 2 pounds. I'm still going to throw my weight around at my Dr's office when I call. TOMORROW.
Because apparently the last of my patience went with those 2 pounds.

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Mrs. Rootbeer said...

Call the Dr! Enough is enough!