Friday, January 8, 2010

So my house was on fire last night . . .

. . . but its not as bad as it sounds. Just an outlet, no other damage because thankfully I was right there when it happened and we got it under control right away. Sadly, we didn't need to call the fire department and invite delicious firemen into our home. I asked Mr. Joe if we could just let the whole house burn down and pretend that we weren't home, but it probably would have taken a long time to get going - it was a slow burn lol :-)

The best part of this is that I got to say I told you so to my hubby because when I was doing dishes the other day, I smelled something burning and searched until I discovered that the outlet was warm and smelled like burning rubber. The thing is, we had a cheap table/lamp combo from walmart plugged into the outlet, so we thought it was the lamp. We unplugged it, but for the rest of the night I was freaking out. Hubby laughed at me and told me I was overreacting, but I just knew that something was still not right.

The next night (last night) it was his turn to do the dishes, so he was at the sink with the dishwasher, garbage disposal and sink light on, and I started to smell the burning rubber again - even though the lamp was unplugged (sorry walmart, your products are not as shotty as I thought). I looked over at the outlet and SMOKE WAS BILLOWING OUT OF THE WALL!!!!!! I think I shouted "OMG! The house is on fire!!!" (I'm a total drama queen, I own that) and made him turn everything off. Then we had to shut off the breaker for that outlet, but we had no idea which one it was because the turds that owned the house before us mislabled everything, so we just kept shutting things off until we found it. At this point I called my dad, because, well duh - he knows everything (for really really).

when we finally pulled the outlet out of the wall, it looked like this (be ready to understand just how much I overreacted):

I KNOW RIGHT?? Those wires are supposed to be white, but they're brown/black. Totally burned because MY HOUSE WAS ON FIRE!!!!!!!

Also, we don't have smoke detectors, and this has just confirmed that we need to get on that. Nevermind that we have been living in the house for 2 years. I am the master of procrastination - I need to have a fire lit under my ass in my wall to get anything done. Consider it lit.

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aimerss said...

do you have any smoke detectors yet?? I'm very concerned