Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I mean business.

Sorta. I called my Dr.'s office today, and after starting my rehearsed griping and being put on hold about 5 times, I finally got it out that I NEED SOME FREAKIN HELP HERE LADY!! Receptionist (who is overworked and underpaid, imho) was in agreement with me that something sounds off and that I should hold off on taking more progesterone until after I talk with my Dr. She even included in the note that I think taking the progesterone is masking the actual problem and that something may be wrong! Her note may look something like this:
Dear Dr. H:
Please call Mrs. Joe back. She is a hypochondriac and is babbling on about wanting to conceive a child before Mr. Joe's friends do. I think she may be a psychopath. You'd better hurry.
She made me an appt for this Friday and said that she would have her call me back . . .but that was at 11 and its 4 now. I doubt she will call. That's okay though we'll have plenty to discuss on Friday!!

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