Friday, January 22, 2010

Back from my appointment:

I am mildly pleased with the results of my "consultation" with my doctor. We are still not sure why I am not ovulating, and she doesn't seem to be concerned with that. She suggested sending Mr. Joe for an SA before we do anything else though, and this frustrates me BECAUSE I AM DEFINITLEY THE PROBLEM. I explained that because we know I'm not ovulating, I don't think my hubby will be willing to do SA until after I am able to ovulate. He's not the most gregarious of people and bringing a sample into an office would be approximately 5 million miles outside of his comfort zone. Especially since we're pretty sure its not him. She spouted off something about how if we are infertile we have to be prepared to be poked and prodded and basically lose all dignity if we want to persue infertility treatments.
REALLY? I HAD NO IDEA. (insert eyeroll here)
Anyway, on top of the SA order, she told me to take the progesterone and then added Clomid to the mix, but told me to wait until after the SA results get back. She also gave me a bunch of 80's style brochures about planning for a pregnancy and how to handle infertility. Ironically the picture of the couple on the IF brochure is all happy and smiley and looking like they are definitley NOT contemplating the idea that they may be infertile. SIGH.
I went home feeling extremely uneasy about broaching the SA subject with Mr. Joe, but as it turns out, he is completely on board! I had to agree to a few things, of course, but all in all he agreed with Dr. H that we should rule him out now instead of putting me through anything "unnecessary" (am I the only one who here who is accepting of the fact that IT'S ME. I'M THE PROBLEM. Anyone?). After we get the results of that back, I will take the progesterone and then Clomid and then we'll get it on and BOOM! we'll be preggers. Right?
Hope so.
So that's where we are now. I have to figure out the logistics of the SA and then we'll be on our way!

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