Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Life is one big stage, after all

Ironically, the year I am married is the worst year of my life thus far. It started off with our money being stolen out of our account when Mr. Joe decided to apply for a "job" that would require a deposit of "about nineteen twenty", which is understood as 19.20, but in actuality was 1920.00. Needless to say, for a young couple saving for a wedding, nineteen twenty was a pretty big blow, especially when it was taken twice. Did I mention this almost caused us to lose our photographer? Definitely not a fun time in our life. It took months to get our money back, but we finally were able to. That came just in time for my car to get broken into at work and EVERYTHING to be stolen out of it. EVERYTHING, including both of our passports, my identification, credit cards, access to our just recovered wedding account, and these delicious pastry twists that I had just bought. Ridiculous. I was also battling an intensely personal situation that even under the anonymity of the Soap Scum Avenger I refuse to go into detail on. Just know that it was intense and caused me great pain and sacrifice. Times this year were tough. Add to that the wedding planning and the DRAMA that came out of merging three families into one happy party, and you can imagine how hard it would be to maintain sanity. Throughout all of this, I remained calm and continued to remind myself that life is difficult and I should try to be positive because as each awful moment occurred, I was CERTAIN that it was the last.
Now I am beginning to think I am cursed.
My brother is dying and there is nothing I can do to stop it.