Tuesday, May 25, 2010

2 Years

Two years ago today I became Mrs. Joe!! Oh what I wish I could tell that girl dancing with her new husband . . . .
ps: See the skinny girl in the back right? That's my skinny minnie sister. I told you so.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Be kind to me internets

Happy McFatty Monday!

True to my word (and a tiny bit late), here are my day 39 of 90 photos. First lets remember day 1:

Now I wish I had Mr. Joe take my day 1 picture because I know you are expecting something amazing, and I think you will be disappointed because you can't really see the tubbiness in this picture. Trust me, there's more tubbiness than what you think you see. Lets examine the picture a little closer shall we?

I tried to blow it up to call attention to the fatter parts. It's hard to see, but trust me its there. Now onto day 39 (please be nice to me!):

Here I am from the side:

I know it looks like I'm sucking in. It might be because I am. Don't judge.

Here is proof that there is less ham and more muscle. And that I am a huge dork. The faces I am making in these pictures are ridiculous. I would crop my face out if I wasn't so lazy. It takes me too long to upload photos and I'm at work and don't feel like it.

So there it is. I don't see a huge difference, but I know its there. I'm upping my cardio so I burn off my fat by my Florida trip, which is in one month and 2 days officially. I'm hoping to be thinner so I don't look like such a moose next to my thin skinny minnie sister. Trust me, you'll see what I mean. I hope everyone had a great week, and that continues into this week!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pictures - sorta

Remember when I said I would post a pictures with my weight? Well . . . I still haven't taken the pictures yet! Truth be told, you can't see whole huge difference yet. The p90x boards all say that the biggest change came around day 60, and I'm just on day 36 today. You can see a difference in my arms, in that there is now a muscle where there used to be hamminess. It's hard to take a picture of my arms and whatnot in the mirror, and so I will have to enlist Mr. Joe to help. He's been hanging out at his part time job the last couple of nights though so we haven't been able to schedule a photo shoot :-) . . . I know - excuses, excuses. I swear it's coming though. I promised, so all two of you that are interested, fear not. You will see my meaty (not as hammy) arms soon enough. In the meantime, here is a picture of my new haircut:

It's a dark picture, but you kinda get the idea. My hair is shorter. I really think the headset makes the look complete, don't you? And here's picture of my brand spankin' new bracelet that came in the mail yesterday from my bloggy friend Mrs. S:

It's a handmade IF common thread bracelet. The idea started here, and Mrs. S wrote about it here. I love the idea of having a secret sign to let other infertiles know that we are in the same boat. My bracelet came with a really sweet card, which I think made Mr. Joe jealous because he was really interested in where the card came from, and why I was getting a card in the mail. I told him it was because I am cheating on him with my bloggy friends. Anytime I say the word "blog" he rolls his eyes at me. If he only knew of the headache writing this blog and reading your blogs saves him, I'm sure you would all get cards in the mail too. I really appreciate the support and friendships I have found through writing here and I would like to pay it forward as well, so if anyone is interested in a bracelet from me, shoot me an email and I'll send one out to you. I know many of the 4 people that read my blog are not infertile, so if you shoot me an email, I'll send you some cookies or something. Maybe we should make a bracelet for fertiles that lets infertiles know that they promise not to tell them to relax or ask when they will start having babies! What do you think? Talk it out.

Also: Today is CD1! AF made her very own appearance after just 45 days, which is an improvement over 99 days before I had the hysteroscopy. . . I will consider this progress!

Hopefully, I've successfully distracted you from the fact that I am lame and have not (yet) followed through on my promise. Soon!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

McFatty Tuesday

I will do my update with a picture tomorrow. Sorry I missed yesterday, I know you were all holding your breath for my weekly weigh in :-) Has anyone else seen/heard of this?:

Apparently, you eat these cookies instead of a sensible meal and you lose weight. DOES ANYONE ELSE FIND THIS RIDICULOUS? I think this is the main problem with our society's collective weight. I'm sure you can lose weight just eating these cookies (100 bucks for a 14 day supply, no I am not kidding!), but this is not how you make actual changes. Weight and picture tomorrow, because I don't want to spill my weight without showing a picture to back it up.

Friday, May 14, 2010

What I did last weekend - feel free to skip this one, it's boring.

You probably don't care about what I did last Saturday. I said I would post about it, so in the interest of keeping my word:


This picture is little, and I'm a moron when it comes to bloggy internet things, so I can't make it bigger (thats what she said). This is the cabin that my MIL owns on a decent sized plot of land in VT. Mr. Joe and I love it there, though with our busy lives as of late we have not been able to spend any time up there. It's quiet and peaceful and there's no plumbing. Or cable TV. MIL had electricity put in, and we dug a giant hole in the ground and built a bathroom on top of it:

Isn't it adorable? I know, you wish your bathroom was as cute. If you don't mind bugs and spiders, then it's a perfect solution to the no plumbing problem. It definitely makes a better alternative to going out in the woods. We have alot of memories here. We spent the majority of last Saturday cleaning it up because MIL has to sell it. Originally, she purchased the land and little cabin (which was not inhabitable AT ALL) as a fun place to get away. Then Mr. Joe's ASSHOLE step father took off and left MIL in a SUPER AMOUNT of debt. She busts her ass at 3 jobs to support her house and my 19 year old SIL and Mr. Joe's grandmother. Sadly, the time has come to sell it. This is one of the many things that makes me sad about divorce. We won't be able to make any more memories up here.

Clearly, there's a reason that divorce exists. If it didn't, my father would never have left the crazy lady he had my brothers with and met my mother and had me. You would really be missing out, so THANK YOU DIVORCE, but still, YOU SUCK BALLS.

Anyway, here are the rest of the pictures from the day:

Naturally, the picture of the salamander comes out big, but all the other pictures of the ACTUAL CABIN are teeny tiny. Sigh. Anyone looking for land in VT?

Monday, May 10, 2010

McFatty Monday

Hello! Happy belated Mother's Day moms!
Did I say last week that this would be my 30 day mark on P90X? I'm too lazy to read my last post. If I did, then I was lying and I'm sorry. 30 days is this Thursday, so NEXT Monday I will show you my (hopefully) less flabby ass. Actually, what I am really hoping for out of P90X is less hammy arms and smaller boobs. There's only like one dimple in my ass, so I'm not as concerned about that as I am about my rack giving me black eyes when I run the 5K I signed up for in 2 weeks. AND if I get enough speed, will my hammy arms cause me to get lift and go airborne? I think It's possible people. Running is a dangerous sport. Hence, I have avoided it until now. If I stick with the P90X for two more weeks though, I might be ok. I have definitely noticed definition in my arms. There's something under all of that ham after all! On Friday, I did one push up ON MY TOES instead of my knees! I couldn't do any more than one, but that is ACTUAL PROOF that something is happening. Oh Tony Horton, if you can help me get rid of my hammy arms, I will love you for the rest of my life. Of course, I might love you forever anyway, 'cause you're so darn cute! I still haven't weighed myself, but I feel different. On Saturday, Mr. Joe and I went to his mother's cabin in Vermont to clean it up. We had SO MUCH to do up there.
I impressed Mr. Joe and his cousin because I was able to move alot of the heavy trees out of the way BY MYSELF! I can feel myself getting stronger.
On the way home, we stopped for dinner and it took everything I had not to eat the ice cream sundae that the table ordered. It looked AMAZING, but I resisted! I just keep telling myself that I will look and feel much batter on day 30 if I can just keep it up.
Thats all for now. I have pictures from VT that I'll post, in case anyone is interested in purchasing some land with a cute little cabin in Vermont.
Also: Please encourage Blair this week. She is doing a FABULOUS job!
Have a lovely week McFatties!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Frustration Friday

I thought I would come up with a new thingy (you know a thingy - like McFatty Monday but not as cool cause I'm the only one participating) for friday. It's call Frustration Friday, alternatively titled EFF You Friday:

Firstly - the dbag I was just speaking with at work wished me a happy mother's day. WHO DOES THAT? It was like a poke in the eye! I had to control the snark when I said "Oh you too! douchebag!"

And secondly, what the hell is up with Fertility Frenemy??? First, I had cross hairs on CD16. Then, they took them away because my temp is all over the place. Now, they think I maybe ovulated on CD30? So much for magically turning normal. The signs for ovulation were all there. I even had a positive OPK. Isn't a lack of whatever hormone causes a positive OPK the cause of PCOS? Why did my doctors never ask me to chart?

Also: WHO WISHES BARREN BETTY A HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY?????? I cannot wait to rush home (after working at the movies tonight) and do Core Synergistics with my P90X friends. I bet they would never take my cross hairs away. Any opinions on why my chart looks so screwy?

Monday, May 3, 2010

I can push myself back up!

Happy Monday friends!

I didn't weigh myself again this week. I've been doing so well with P90X that I'm afraid if I don't see lower numbers that I'll get discouraged and stop. I'll weigh myself next Wednesday, because that will be day 30 and I'll take another picture and post it for all of the internets to see again.
Even though I don't have actual numbers to go off of, I can feel a difference. For one, I can do a girlie push up again. I know, it's pretty pathetic that I was unable to do one before. There was alot of hamminess on my arms then I care to admit. But now, after 3 rounds of kickass Yoga X, I can do 10 girlie push ups until I get tired! I also feel firmer. My arms feel the slightest bit tighter. Yesterday, I worked out in just a sports bra and shorts and I let one of my friends see me like that. All huge differences to me, and so I am excited about continuing.
I can't tell you how much fun I have while I'm doing the workouts. I LOVE this plan friends. I wish you could all come over my house and do it with me, but you'd probably be creeped out by my creepy basement gym. It's still just as difficult as it was on day one, but only because each day, I push myself to do something more. I wish I could be in the next infomercial!! And meet Tony Horton because seriously, for 50 -something year old, he is delicious.
Also delicious? Taco Bell. To answer Blair's question, I try really hard not to eat fast food, but sometimes I can't help myself. Taco Bell as their own "drive through diet" plan - and it's pretty good. The one place I try to avoid with my entire being is McDonald's because I am a sucker for Big Macs. Unless there is orange cheese on said Big Mac. Fast food melty orange cheese is the Soapscum Avenger's kryptonite.
Good luck this week everybody!