Sunday, January 30, 2011

I suck at blogging lately. Sorry!

Hello friends. Sorry I suck at posting. I have a few excuses though - the main one being that I am so incredibly busy at my new job - which I still love - and it doesn't leave much time for posting. The times when I am not working, I am barfy. In case you're wondering (like my mother and mother in law constantly are), I'm still feeling sick. Please don't say it won't go away soon. Because I DON'T BELIEVE YOU ANYMORE. Every day I get a text from one of them, asking how I feel. Every day, I tell them that I am still sick. And every day, they tell me it will go away soon. I don't think it will. This child likes to send back everything. Mr. Joe is going to be so disappointed when Baby Joe is old enough to tell him why he hates his cooking. Or any cooking, for that matter.
On the plus side, I haven't really gained anything. In fact, I've lost weight. Yet my pants no longer fit, which I think stems from the fact that my clothes must have been a little too tight to begin with :-)
I am 14 weeks on Tuesday, so here is a 12 week bump picture:

Complete with me looking like a tool. When I'm naked, it looks more like a fat roll. Not at all like a baby bump, but when I'm clothed people tell me its a bump. I let them believe it. Enough about me though, let me show you a horrible picture of my kid:

You have to tilt your head to the side, because I don't know how to rotate pictures on here. I can barely handle posting, let alone posting pictures in the right orientation. Can you see how adorable Baby Joe is even sideways? The tech was pretty certain Baby Joe is a boy. I'm inclined to believe her because she was able to point out kidneys and the heart in addition to a penis. She seemed to know what she was looking at. I have a feeling that Baby Joe is a boy, so I admitted defeat to Mr. Joe. We are so excited! I don't want to rush out and buy everything blue just yet, but we have shifted our gears to focusing on boy names and themes for the baby. I have one name I like in mind, but Mr. Joe has a list of 15. One of the 15 is the one I like, so at least I have that on my side. I will try to post more often, but I've promised that the last few times I posted. I've been reading all of your blogs. Thanks for keeping up with your blogs and not disappearing for weeks on end :-)

Friday, January 14, 2011


Remember that time I had a blog? And I posted fairly regularly because I was a frosty box and loved to complain and tell you all about my lady parts?

Well, I started a new job and then got knocked up and slept every minute I wasn't consumed with either of those things. Which meant that I didn't really have time to blog. This baby baking business is hard work.

But I am doing pretty well so far. See for yourself:

I really hope Baby Joe grows into her/his large head soon. Head on the left, little baby body on the right, nubby arms on the side. SO. STINKIN. CUTE. to watch on the screen. I was able to trick my new Dr into giving me an ultrasound because I called about the pains I was having in my abdomen and was basically freaking out over nothing. No one really explained that the first trimester can be PAINFUL. Barfy, sleepy, yes. Painful sharp pains that are painful? No mention of that at all friends. Now that I know they're normal, I'm okay with it. When I thought it was the end of the world? Not okay.

I would post belly pictures, but really right now it's just food and not baby joe. I really just look fat right now. Which is starting to be a problem when it comes to getting dressed in the morning. My fat pants are starting to be my skinny pants. I went to Target the other day and bought a BeBand, which I guess is the Target version of the BellaBand. I really like the fact that I can go to work with my pants unbuttoned! I bought a pair of maternity khakis and I may start wearing them next week, but only because they are so comfy, not because I really need to yet.

My new job is fabulous so far. I haven't done any of the actual job yet, but I love it so far. I should be starting the actual work next month. Just in time to go on vacation to Disney! Everything is really falling into place. If only I could stopping feeling like I am constantly going vom all over my desk. I keep telling myself that it should (fingers toes and eyes crossed) be over soon. I'll be 12 weeks on Tuesday and that's usually around the time when the barf subsides.

My favorite part about all of this so far has been working at the movies. I think the theater I work at is more excited than I am. I also have been getting my best advice from the teen moms I work with. They really have a unique insight into pregnancy which I never fully appreciated until now. The rest of my coworkers have been so accommodating, to the point that it's comical. I'm not even showing yet, and they're letting me sit down on the job and giving me extra breaks. I wish they would pay me my full-time job salary, because I love that job!

So that's where I am right now. I promise as soon as I look more pregnant and less tubby I will post a belly pic. Does anyone know where I can find warm weather maternity clothes now for my trip next month? Everything is winter wear still!

Have a fabulous weekend!