Monday, March 1, 2010

McNochange Monday!

Happy Monday everyone!

It's ironic that Blair asked us about plateaus today, because I think that is where I am finding myself lately. The 2 pounds that showed up last week are still here this week. I am hoping that AF just brought 2 pounds of luggage and that she will take them back when she leaves. . . but the truth is this: in order to get down off of this plateau, I have to MOVE MY FAT HAMMY ASS OFF OF IT. I realize that some people get stuck at a certain number even though they are exercising and eating right and all the things you are supposed to do when you're dieting. Sadly, if this is you, I have no advice for you. Really I have no advice for anyone but myself, because telling someone to move their fat hammy ass is just plain mean and I wouldn't talk that way to nice people in the real world. You all seem like nice people, so I'm not talking to you.

I'm talking to myself, which means that I'm crazy. You've probably ascertained this by now.

I'm going to Florida in June and Hilton Head SC in August and I would really like it if I could look somewhat decent in summer clothing when we go on these trips, so I really need to get moving. Both literally and physically. This week, I promise you (well really myself, unless you really care that much) I will do some form of activity at least 3 times! This activity will not include walking from the living room to the kitchen to find something to eat every 15 minutes. My sister and I were supposed to go indoor rock climbing, but she keeps rescheduling, and I don't want to attempt something like that without a friend. I would hate to have the people I care about miss out on an opportunity to laugh at me. My main problem with actually exercising is that I'm a master procrastinator. Remember our fire? I finally bought a smoke detector last week. It's sitting on the counter now. One day we will put it up on the ceiling. That's just how we roll. I'm pretty sure I can work with this small goal though. We will see next Monday. Good luck to everyone this week!


Krista said...

I'm with you... I did ZERO activity last week besides walking through IKEA for an hour... Oh, and some grocery shopping :) I WILL exercise this week!!! And I'll hold you accontable, so there, you can't break your promise :)

Blair said...

Good luck!!!!!

I think a couple of girls left some good tips on the comments of my blog, so hopefully some will help your plateau!

I'm hoping that just relaxing for a week or two will help me. Maybe.

& "hammy ass" is fucking hilarious.

Shahny said...

I'm also working to look good in summer clothes. Only a few more months we can do it!

I try to change it up when I hit a plateau. Also, do something you love. Like dancing or playing sports. It doesnt seem like exercise when youre having FUN

When I get my playlist together, I definitely let you know what songs I'm using

Good Luck!

Mrs. M said...

Hahaha, we also bought smoke detectors and left them in the box for about 3 months. Very helpful.

Good luck, AF also kept me from losing weight this week. Grrr.

Veronica said...

I will be active with you 3 times a week when I get a break from school. I actually only get a week off I think. So, at some point this month, I will be active with you 3 times! I also want to look good in SC. It's hard being married to someone like Dave. It's a good thing I'm smart, that way I bring something to the relationship.


Shahny said...

here's my playlist: