Friday, March 19, 2010

Stop the presses.

That link is my chart on Fertility Frenemy. Note the crosshairs. Does this mean I actually ovulated? I am still a little shocked. I was all prepared to write a post about how I went out with my sister in law to a Mexican restaurant and ordered a "Wet Burrito" (trust me it looked good on paper). I guess I am still posting about it right now. Here's a picture of my beefy, wet burrito (I wonder what google searches will turn up from this post):

And Just to get a true feel for the sheer volume of beefy, wet burritoness, here is one with my SIL:

I apologize if it's tiny. I am not a profesh blogger by any means. Despite the strange name, the burrito was delicious. I'm still a little concerned about where the "wet" part comes in though. The rest of it is sitting in my locker at work for lunch. There was no way I could finish all of that thing in one sitting! We needed to leave room for desert:

Please remind me, when I piss and moan on Monday about how I gained 10 pounds, that I ate FRIED ICE CREAM that was on FIRE on Thursday. Thank you.

And since I am all about the pictures today, here is a look at the "national holiday" that is March Madness in the Joe residence:

My house smells like college dorm today because Mr. Joe and is band of goons wanted to play upstairs in my nice house instead of downstairs in the man cave yesterday. There was a problem though, because the biggest of our two televisions is in the man cave (downstairs). What to do? Mr. Joe decided that he would put our very large, expensive piece of electric entertainment OUTSIDE ON OUR PATIO TABLE. There are few things in this world that we own that are of any worth, friends. One of the those things is this TV. Another is our reputation as normal, middle class citizens. I'm pretty sure the latter is damaged beyond repair in our neighborhood now. Sigh. The umbrella really accentuates the trashiness, don't you think?

Anyway . . . I ovulated. Sadly, I can't remember what exact day Mr. Joe and I got it on. We are very busy people, but I'm fairly certain it was this past weekend. So there's a goodish chance we had some sort of timing right? Maybe the cramping in my uterus is a baby Joe.

Or I will actually discover why they call it a "wet" burrito. Pray for me on both accounts, please.

Happy Friday!!

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