Sunday, March 7, 2010


This weekend was pretty exciting. It started off Friday afternoon with my HSG. Thank you for all of your reassurances that it wasn't going to be horrible. I went into it with confidence, thinking that it was going to be no big deal. Of course, like before, I had a stand up routine of one liners before they actually laid me down to start the procedure. At least this time, there were only two people in the room. I guess my previous audience didn't want to expose themselves to all of that radiation.
Anyway, I was all calm and collected until Dr. Foreign Accent STUCK A NEEDLE in my cervix. Personally, I could have done without this. Especially because I still felt when the dye went in and I could the cramping as my ute was filled with fluid. What is the purpose of the Novocaine? I'm sure the catheter couldn't have hurt more than the effing needle. For the rest of the day, whenever I thought back on the HSG, my crotch stung with the painful memories. The radiology tech was super nice though, and laughed at my comedy routine, which was nice because Dr. Foreign Accent does not find me funny at all. I don't take it personally though - I'm pretty sure he has the personality of a wet mop.
Turns out, the ultrasound picture of my ute was way worse than the HSG picture showed, and I only have a slightly heart shaped uterus (or heart shaped box, as my best friend R puts it). We decided to do the surgery, and so that is scheduled for April 1st. In the meantime, I will be put on bc pills so I don't get my period before the surgery. I'm a little disappointed in this. I was hoping that the HSG would awaken my lady parts and we would conceive this month on our own. Oh well. I gotta run, Mr. Joe needs my help with the kitchen. We're almost done and then I will have a big reveal. I know how you are all DYING to see it LOL.

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