Monday, March 29, 2010

McFatty Monday!

Happy Monday!

Firstly, Blair looks fantastic. I'm super impressed. I would show my own pictures, but I haven't really taken any good ones. You'll have to refer to my post about sin to see how far I've come. Since I'm dressed like a nun you can't really tell, but trust me, I look better than I did when I started. I added a ticker to my page that counts down to our family Disney trip (which was a request of my brother, who I will post about next week). I'm hoping to be bikini - ready for that trip. Or knocked up, but that goes without saying (I hope).

I've been walking with my work friend Sarah at lunch. While it doesn't change the fact that I still hate my job, it really helps me get rid of the homicidal feelings I have by the middle of the day. Our campus is actually very pretty and we're really surprised by how relaxed we feel by the time we're done. Also, it's an easy way of getting in a workout. I've been trying to walk Harry when I get home too. All in all, I'm just chugging along here.

Does anyone have low cal crock pot recipes that they've tried and liked? I think I might break out the crockpot this week. Please pray for Mr. Joe :-)

Hope everyone has a marvelous week!


Blair@HeirtoBlair said...


and dude, walking mid-day totally helps with the homicidal tendencies. It's why I started doing it, too. Then I realized it was actually exercise! woot!

I like to toss frozen chicken breasts in a crock pot with corn, tomatoes, a package of taco seasoning, maybe some black beans. Low for 8 hours, then when you get home, toss in some LF cream cheese (optional) for 30 minutes to cream it up. Then eat in wheat burritos or just plain or on a salad. mmmmmm....

Mrs. M said...

Oooh, that recipe sounds good! I love the crock pot. I'll have to look through my recipes.

I wish I could walk on my lunch! Our is only 20 minutes. Boo.