Thursday, February 25, 2010


You know what happens when AF is missing for 99 days?

You forget to carry the necessary items for dealing with her. While you're at work.

To be honest, when I started spotting yesterday, I thought it was my ute playing tricks on me. I had "spotted" once or twice over the last 99 days or so, but nothing else would be there the next time I took a trip to the bathroom, so I assumed (and what does assuming do kids?) that it would be the same this time as well. Oh my, was I wrong.

It started when I arrived home to an empty house last night. Mr. Joe was working his second job at Marshall's (pronounced Mar- SHALL's as in "SHALL we dance?" Makes it sound fancy), and I was by myself and super hungry. I made a box of Rice-a-Roni and ate it. The whole thing. Immediately feeling horrified with myself for being so gluttonous, I ate some BBQ chips.

I know that makes no sense, I was RAVENOUS and crazy. It made sense in my fat kid head.

After my pig-out, I decided to watch Joannie Rochette's short program skate from the other night. Do you know who I'm talking about? She's the Canadian figure skater whose mother died suddenly on Sunday. I began to sob before she even started to skate. I had to stop this madness! To get out of this funk, I decided against the episode of 16 and Pregnant I had saved and watched Mantracker instead. Mantracker is a sort or game show where this guy, "The Mantracker", hunts down a team of two people each week. The team has to make it a couple of miles through the Canadian wilderness to a finish line in two days. It's a little lame, but Mr. Joe and I like it. In this particular episode, a brother and sister team had to make it through some stupid mountain range or something. I was UGLY CRYING at that point.

Let me catch you up on somethings at this point: My oldest brother passed away on 10/31/2009. He had cancer, and was 46 years old. I haven't really said much about it here because it is still way too raw to discuss. One day I will share more about him, but for now I just need you to know this one thing. . .

We never planned to go backpacking through the woods while some crazy Canadian man (on a horse!) chased after us. NOT ONCE did we ever discuss it. For some reason though, I was BESIDE MYSELF with sadness over the fact that we could never be on Mantracker together. In the middle of my ugly cry, I got a text message from Mr. Joe asking if I was hungry and if I wanted him to stop for food on the way home. I confessed that I didn't need any more food that night since I consumed a whole box of garlic and chicken flavored rice all by my lonesome, and asked if maybe he could bring me home some Diet Coke. I managed to calm myself down enough to look somewhat collected when he came home, but when he was without my diet coke, I started all over again.

You would think after all of that, I would have figured out that I was actually going to bleed. Poor Mr. Joe! He had no idea what the hell happened to me.

The question I have now is - what should I do? The fact that I have finally started my period on my own makes me wonder what the next step should be. Do you think I should chart and see if I O on my own this time? Or should I chart and take clomid (against Dr. H's orders)? Should I still go to my RE appointment on Wednesday? Personally, I think that I should at least have one cycle charted before I go to an RE. Don't they expect that of you anyway? What would you do?
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MysteriousMindy said...

I think not getting your period in 99 days is a ticket to the RE without needing charting was for me anyways. Unless you are pregnant, if you're not getting your period, then you're not ovulating. If you're not ovulating then you can't make a baby. As far as the Clomid goes, I would wait to see what your RE's best to do it when you have some level of monitoring going on...I wouldn't take it without monitoring. You also may need a trigger shot to actually ovulate, and if that's the case, no amount of Clomid would be beneficial unless you have that trigger shot, and could actually cause those mature follicles to turn into cysts if they aren't released. I really would stick with the RE appointment. Start charting your BBT starting the first day of your period, and continue to chart regardless of what happens with the RE appointment. Have you read "Taking charge of your fertility" by Toni Weschler? It is a MUST-HAVE for a all women, especially for women TTC!

Kolby, Laura, Moe, and IDK said...

Hey there! I became a follower so you could have 10 followers! I've been TTC since about Aug of last year, I'm about to go have my HSG done, then I'm on to the RE. Best of Luck, I look forward to continuing to read about your adventure!

Anonymous said...

Your doctor sounds like a nerd. But not the good kind.

Mrs. M said...

I'll follow you if you follow me :o)

Anywho, I will give you the same advice I gave Ashley on running. It is sucky advice. You just have to start. When I first started running in Nov. I could go 1/2 a mile and I was dying. So I would run 1/2 a mile and walk a mile. And I increased my distance by a tenth of a mile every week or two. And now I am up to 1.5 miles, and walking 1.5-2 miles. It sucks, it is not fun, but now I can do it, and I don't feel like dying anymore, and I kind of enjoy it. :o) Wish I had a more glamorous answer for you!