Monday, February 1, 2010

McFatty Monday

Hello Friends!
Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Mine was not so wonderful, I had a nasty cold on Friday, which sucked for Mr. Joe, because it was his birthday on Saturday and I was not in the partying mood. Still, in my efforts to be a trophy wife, I went out and grocery shopped for his party, came home and made stuffed breads and a Diet Coke cake. People scoffed at the cake, but it was delicious - and not as fattening as the instructions on the box would have you make. They didn't want to admit it but I know they loved it - the whole thing was gone by the end of the night!
Then came Sunday. I had to work at my movies job - and when I arrived to start my day in the kitchen (best job EVER! All the popcorn and Diet Coke and other delicious movie foods you can eat!!) the girl I was taking over for was having a MELTDOWN. The kind where she didn't have anything ready for me. If it wasn't for the marvelous high school drama that distracted from the utter chaos that was the kitchen, I would have strangled her. I love the drama though, so she was granted a stay of execution.
Needless to say, I was not in a good mood when I came home. Mr. Joe and I had a huge fight, and I cried my eyes out the whole night. I also ate ice cream for dinner. I managed to lose one more pound before that, so I might be even with last week. Blair (who looks amazing! I can totally see that you're down 11 pounds!!) asked us what we would eat if we could have a cheat meal. Since I was a big fat cry baby cheater this week and had ice cream for dinner, I would say that would be it. I hadn't had ice cream in such a long time before because I would eat an entire carton if someone let me. You know what I realized while I ate (besides the fact that I am a teeny tiny bit of an emotional eater, despite what I thought the other week)? That ice cream didn't resolve the fight that Mr. Joe and I had. It didn't bring me any peace over the fact that my brother has been dead 3 months yesterday. I just ended up feeling guilty over cheating.
Oh well. Tomorrow is another day - well I guess today would technically be "another day" but I look like crap because of all the crying last night so I am not counting today. Hopefully Mr. Joe and I will make up because if we're still arguing on Friday that will make the whole SA situation really uncomfortable LOL . . . Happy Monday everyone!

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