Monday, February 22, 2010

TTC news of the day

In TTC news:
I was supposed to hear back from Dr. H on Saturday to discuss the results of the SA. I waited and waited and waited allll day. We were working on our kitchen remodel and I obsessively checked my phone every 5 minutes to see if I was getting a call. As is the case whenever I am waiting for Dr. H to call, I left my phone in the car by accident and before I could run out and retrieve it, she called. She called at 4:55 on a Saturday. Who does that? Of course, she doesn't leave any info in her voicemail and just says that she'll call back on Monday. I was already freaking out because my mother and I had an interesting discussion at WalMart earlier in the day, so this just threw me over the edge. I was a Nervous Nancy the rest of the night.

That earlier discussion we had was about my mothers TTC woes.
For background:I have four siblings. Two of them are 20 years older than me and are from my father's previous marriage to a crazy lady. Yes, I know it's not nice to refer to my brother's mother as a crazy lady, but trust me friends - she has more than a touch of the Crazy. The other 2, my sister and brother, are from my mother and father. My parents are in their 60s. My youngest sibling is 20. We always joke that he was an accident, because who is able to just have a baby at 42?
So, that being said, my mother and I were strolling through WalMart on Saturday, stalling for time because we were sick of watching my father and Mr. Joe hang cabinets. back in the day, I used to love going through the baby section, and look at all of the cute baby things that they have. I would always drag my mother through, because she is more willing to look with me than Mr. Joe is. Nowadays, I'm so impatient that it just frustrates me to wander through. I haven't really told anyone about our hangups yet, so when my mom started heading in that direction I followed after her biting my tongue the whole way.
"You know," she started, "I really want you to have a girl first. You should start having babies soon if you want them to be spoiled before I retire. Maybe you should just have twins to get it over with in one shot!" I cringed - at the rate we're going, I'm going to be retired before we have kids. Enough was enough. I "outed" myself (what is with all this drama? I outed myself? I am such a queen lol).

Turns out friends, IT TOOK FOUR YEARS TO CONCEIVE ME. My mother was on clomid 4EVA to get to me, and my sister was a product of clomid + injections!!!

Oh, hello, pertinent information, nice to see you here. You're a little late.

"Mom!" I asked, "Why did you not TELL me this?? Why did you not share this important information in my formative early years??"

"I thought I was just old and that's why I couldn't get knocked up."

She was 31 people. I am 27. Do you think 4 years is a big difference? Tell me that I am overreacting here and there's no need to freak out. I may or may not be freaking out a little right now. EEEEEEEk!

Hold on now, you may be saying. What about your 20 year old brother? Surely he must have been an IVF baby if there was work put into you and your sister? I said the same thing, friends! Apparently, not though. At 43, my mother was able to conceive naturally, without so much as an OPK to predict when to try. Weird huh?

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Crystal Escobar said...

So what is TTC? Are you going to start clomid then?
My sis in law uses that every time, she had twins the first time around, now she's on it again trying for her 3rd pregnancy (4th child).