Friday, February 19, 2010

Painting, Prom, and I'm PR . . .

. . .etty sick of all this snow!!! HAHAHA! One of Mr. Joe's cousins gets to go to Disney World for work and I am stuck here in this crappy call center with all this crappy cold weather. Oh, the injustice of it all!!! Hopefully, my days in the call center are numbered - more on that later.
First, the painting: Mr. Joe has been hard at work while I was watching the Olympics busy doing other things, and we no longer have the hideous green bathroom which I wanted to show you all before we changed it. I'm sorry that you have to miss out on it, but imagine the color that Tinker Bell wears (kind of like the color of pixie dust) and you should have a good idea of what it looked like in there - like she exploded in our bathroom. The bathroom is not 100% finished yet, so I don't have any pictures. I know, I know, you are super disappointed. Mr. Joe is not too crazy about the color (he picked it out this time so I'm off the hook), called Cayman Blue by Behr- but as he says, it is way better than what we had (AMEN).

In addition to the bathroom, we also painted the hallway with a color called Butter Rum and I have pictures:

Initially, I picked this color because I love butter and rum. It just so happens that I really like how the color goes with the kitchen. I think we're coming close to the homeish feeling I'm looking for. My parents are coming over tomorrow to help finish up our kitchen remodel, so we are almost done. I cannot wait until I have the cabinets up and the island my brother made before he passed away in. Then we can get started on the rest of the house. Rest assured, that will involve my asking you what you think of our ideas and a desperate plea for design advice. You are in for a treat, my friends!

Next up: Prom! Mr. Joe's youngest sister is going to prom and asked me to go shopping with her. She's fairly quiet and soft spoken so I was SO EXCITED(!!!!!!) when she asked. It has been approx 500 years since I went to prom. She tried on so many dresses and they all looked great on her, but there was one which I think suited her perfectly. She doesn't know about my blog so I will cut her head off for privacy:

And here's the back:

I love it on her, and so did my MIL and most importantly, SisterJoe loved it too. Should be a no brainer right? Apparently, one of her friends told her she was not allowed to wear blue because her dress is going to be blue, so even though she loved it, she was worried about making one of her friends mad by wearing a blue dress. This friend hasn't even purchased a dress yet! Is this how it is in high school now? I tried to convince her that she should get the dress that she wants, because forbidding your friends to wear the same color as you is just silly. There is no way that this girl would be the ONLY girl with a BLUE dress at prom. You only get one prom!!! She is going to look around a little more and see if she can find a place to try on a dress that she found online, but I hope that she doesn't choose a dress because of what some "friend" thinks. She's such a nice, quiet girl, and she looked beautiful in that dress.

I was so jelly of all the girls trying on their prom dresses! I think I am going to ask one of the boys that I work with at the movie theater if they need a date for their prom. I would make an AWESOME DATE. At least I think so.


Anne said...

Ugh!! Girls can be so stupid about Prom...poor girl!! I SO do not miss being in HS. It looks great on her. Can she order it in a different color maybe?

Mrs.Joe said...

It only comes in that blue and black . . .and another friend is wearing black. She has one more dress in orange that she wants to try on, so we'll see. No one else is waering orange as of right now.