Monday, February 8, 2010

I may or may not have had Fritos for breakfast.

Happy Monday (said with super sarcasm)!!
I've reached a new low. Last night (or actually this morning when I should have been awake), I had a marvelous dream. It was the kind of dream where you go about your morning routine and you think you're awake, but you're actually oversleeping and your husband is going to be reeeally surprised when you wake him up late. I dreamt (dreamed?) that I woke up and got in the shower and then this heavenly light enveloped me and I started my period! I was so excited! I would start Clomid and not have to take the progesterone! I rushed out of the shower and stepped outside to go to the drug store . . .and I was naked. Then I realized it was a dream and I woke up to find myself running 30 minutes late. Oops!
What kind of sick freak dreams of getting her period and is all happy about it? Answer: this sick freak.
In Fatty news: I maybe ate some Fritos today for breakfast. I couldn't help it. I couldn't eat another piece of toast with PB on it!! Mr. Joe and I have an exciting evening of grocery shopping planned for tonight, so I will be buying oatmeal. I've officially plateaued and have not lost or gained since last week. I suppose its good that I haven't gained any weight, and people are noticing that I'm losing, but now I have to start some form of activity to make it to my final goal of . . .I don't know. Blair asked up this week what we're measuring our final goal as, and I realized that I never actually set a goal weight or size. I've been a size 8 for forever, and don't really feel the need to go down a size. My scale says my goal weight should be 144, but I'm not really sure where it came up with that number. I met Mr. Joe at 135-ish I think, but that was when I was playing rugby and had hours of physical activity a day. I think I will shoot for 140.
To answer Blair's question about if something tastes better then skinny feels, I say ABSOLUTELY. Cake, cookie dough, and beer taste good enough that I would carry an extra 5 lbs of cookie/cake/beer weight around. Life isn't just about being thin. Sometimes, you need a little a cake and beer to liven it up.
That or some breakfast Fritos.
I think I will look into rock climbing as a way to trick myself into exercising this week. I want to try Zumba too. Anything that resembles running on a treadmill or lifting weights just doesn't appeal to me and I can't stick with it. That's my goal for this week - to find something active to do so I can get off of this plateau!
Hope everyone (hey 3 followers!) has a great week!


nicolesspirit878 said...

Your too funny. I hope that your goal this week of finding something you can sink your teeth into (exercise wise) will find you. Good luck and looking forward to following your journey.

Mrs. B said...

Found your blog on McFatty Monday.


& I think almost everything tastes better than skinny feels... thus the extra chub :)

Im cheering for you!

Crystal Escobar said...

haha, you're funny :) I agree, you have to enjoy a little cake and cookies sometimes :)
I just found you via Blair's blog, and thought I'd pop over.