Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Next Step

Finally heard from Dr. H . . . and she seems to think I need to be shuffled off to the fertility clinic. I haven't seen the actual results of the SA, but she says that they were "on the low side". I made her read them to me over the phone, but she was reading them off really fast and I became sick of asking her to repeat herself. Basically, there is normally 2 -5 mL of "sample", we only had 1mL. However, normal range for number of swimmers per mL is 20 million, and we had 40 million. And they were all great shape - but they weren't swimming as well because its thicker than normal. I don't know how "off" it is exactly, but listening to the numbers, it didn't sound that far below normal. Some numbers were better than normal.

Dr. H seems to think its time to try IVF. Like, she actually said, "There's things they can do, like invitro fertilization to make sure that you get a fertilized egg in there." It was at this point in our phone conversation that I saw stars.

Let's review, shall we?

Mrs. Joe: Not really charting, but definitely not ovulating, as today is CD98 (NINETY EIGHT FRIENDS) and I have peed on every last thing I could to determine my KU status. Additionally, I may or may not have a family history of fertility "issues", depending on who you ask. I am clearly not functioning properly, yet I have been given no medication thus far to correct these issues.

Mr. Joe: Has swimmers - lots of them, they can swim straight, but some can't make it through. Also, he hates the invasiveness of this "infertility" garbage (where as I, Queen of TMI, do not).

Don't you think we could just try Clomid ONE TIME before calling in the fertility big guns? I realize I do not have a medical degree. What I do have a degree in though, is internet research. And by 'internet research", I mean TTC blog stalking. If you have a TTC blog, specifically an IF/TTC blog, I most likely have read it, analyzed it, and googled the things I didn't understand (oh the abbreviations! They're like a secret language!!). The usual course of action is:

Clomid and charting for a cycle or 4
IUI and then . . .

I realize I may be overreacting here, but I have never really charted or used a fertility monitor, or ANYTHING like that in the past. I just wasn't getting my period. I feel like we didn't really get a chance to conceive without a whole big song and dance. The RE's office called me this morning and I have an appointment next Wednesday, but I don't know if I'm going to go through with it yet. It don't want to be laughed out of there. I guess we shall see.

*ETA: I started spotting today. Secretly, I was hoping to get to CD100 because I'm a weirdo like that and it's a nice round number. Maybe I will chart tomorrow and O on my own this cycle!


Anne said...

So wait a sec....your OB is pushing you off to the RE and she hasn't even tried putting you clomid or anything? What the heck?? I have a bunch I can send you in the mail.... ;)

Anne said...

I am sorry but this is so frustrating to me!! Also because I know that when we had our first appt. scheduled with the RE it was $250 out of pocket up front!!! That is total BS that she is not trying to help you more.

MysteriousMindy said...

I just found your blog through another and wanted to comment. Has your doctor ever did any tests for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome? With not getting your periods, and your mother being similar, it sounds like this could be a very good chance. My mother had me as a 'miracle baby' after she lost alot of weight...losing weight can trigger ovulation. She needed to be on several different meds. to conceive my brother. You can ovulate with PCOS, but it is very random and unpredictable which sounds like your mom. I have PCOS and went undiagnosed for year, which is why I'm sharing the wisdom I've learned. Fertility specialists have alot better knowledge on this and if you could have an issue, and your hubby could have an issue, it's probably for best that you go see a specialist :-( . Hang in there! You can follow my blog if you're interested at