Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's begining to look alot like . . . .

*ETA* My good work friend, Lisette says that she thinks it will look Christmasy at Christmas time and Watermelony during the summer. Do you agree?
Um, help!!

I am not an interior decorator in any way shape or form. I play one in my mind, though. Ever read MckMama's blog? I love the colors of her home. There's something about her orangey - reddish walls that look so warm and inviting and homeish. I know, homeish is not a word - I'm not a linguist.

I just play one on my blog.

In an effort to give my almost remodeled kitchen a homeish look, Mr. Joe and I decided (read: I bullied Mr. Joe into seeing things my way) decided that we wanted to paint our kitchen a rusty, bricky, red color. We have deep chocolatey brown colored cabinets (thanks Mom and Dad for getting rid of your old kitchen and giving it to us!) and I thought that a rust color would make our kitchen look warm and rich - like melty fondue chocolate.

Question: is it sad that everything reminds me of fatty foods? What kind of freak wants to be reminded of chocolate when they walk into their kitchen while they are actively trying to lose weight?

Answer: a fat kid like myself.

We decided to go with Morocco red by Behr. I set Mr. Joe to work Mr. Joe and I got to it and painted the kitchen. This was the result:

I love it. The picture makes it look rosier than it actually is in person. It looks really warm and inviting homeish, just like we wanted . . .

But there's a little problem.

The kitchen has a window into our living room. We thought this was a great idea, because it keeps the open feel of the floor plan and allows me to watch my stories on tv while I do the dishes.

I should probably tell you that my favorite color is green. One day, before Mr. Joe repaints it, I will show you the hideousness that is our bathroom. Let's just say that you need sunglasses to go in there without going blind. I learned my lesson after that. We painted our living room a greeny, earthy- feeling color that I also loved.

Can you see where this is going?

Here is what my house looks like when you're standing in the living room:

Now, we intend to replace the furniture we have with brown leather stuff and making the room look warmer and homeisher (there I go again!) with other changes. Please be honest with me though (and ignore the three holes from our fire:

Does my house look too Christmasy?

I think Mr. Joe will strangle me if I decide we need to paint again. So maybe by "be honest with me" I meant, "lie through your teeth."



aimerss said...

no it does not look like a christmas tree! I think it looks so pretty!

ps YOU HAVE COUNTER SPACE!!!? awesome awesome awesome <3

Anne said...

I do not think it looks too Christmasy either. I love burnt red. I love green. I love brown. We are RIGHT on the same page girl!

Krista said...

Absolutely not (and I'm not even lying through my teeth!) However come Christmas time, it will help give you that Christmas spirit, no? :) I love both of those colors!