Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Vee day!

Happy Vday fellow McFatties!!

This will be short and sweet since I am home for President's day and I have to paint my kitchen. Sorta - I think I may need some serious interior design help. Anyone out there know how to match colors?

In fatty news, I am down another pound! I didn't get a chance to work out more this past week, but I've made plans with my sister to join a rock climbing gym this week and we are excited. I'm really hoping rock climbing will be the key to getting rid of my fat hammy arms!

Mr. Joe behaved himself for Valentine's day and instead of chocolates as a gift we took a mini vacay to a hotel! We went swimming and had a great time just being together. He is the greatest (for today lol).

Hope everyone has a great week!


Crystal Escobar said...

That's great that you've lost a pound. Always exciting :)
Wish I could give you advice on colors. I had to resort to getting some help from a designer. I do have a really fun color suggestion though. I just painted our front room this beautiful yellow color called princeton gold. You can get it at home depot. just tell them the color you want, and they can mix it up for you. It looks great with red and black. If you email me, I can email you the picture of what the room looks like. Hope that helps a little :)

aimerss said...

My ass wants to send you a personal thank you for letting her be a part of your blog picture.. xoxoxo
happy vee day!

(p.s. post pics of the painting!)