Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pictures - sorta

Remember when I said I would post a pictures with my weight? Well . . . I still haven't taken the pictures yet! Truth be told, you can't see whole huge difference yet. The p90x boards all say that the biggest change came around day 60, and I'm just on day 36 today. You can see a difference in my arms, in that there is now a muscle where there used to be hamminess. It's hard to take a picture of my arms and whatnot in the mirror, and so I will have to enlist Mr. Joe to help. He's been hanging out at his part time job the last couple of nights though so we haven't been able to schedule a photo shoot :-) . . . I know - excuses, excuses. I swear it's coming though. I promised, so all two of you that are interested, fear not. You will see my meaty (not as hammy) arms soon enough. In the meantime, here is a picture of my new haircut:

It's a dark picture, but you kinda get the idea. My hair is shorter. I really think the headset makes the look complete, don't you? And here's picture of my brand spankin' new bracelet that came in the mail yesterday from my bloggy friend Mrs. S:

It's a handmade IF common thread bracelet. The idea started here, and Mrs. S wrote about it here. I love the idea of having a secret sign to let other infertiles know that we are in the same boat. My bracelet came with a really sweet card, which I think made Mr. Joe jealous because he was really interested in where the card came from, and why I was getting a card in the mail. I told him it was because I am cheating on him with my bloggy friends. Anytime I say the word "blog" he rolls his eyes at me. If he only knew of the headache writing this blog and reading your blogs saves him, I'm sure you would all get cards in the mail too. I really appreciate the support and friendships I have found through writing here and I would like to pay it forward as well, so if anyone is interested in a bracelet from me, shoot me an email and I'll send one out to you. I know many of the 4 people that read my blog are not infertile, so if you shoot me an email, I'll send you some cookies or something. Maybe we should make a bracelet for fertiles that lets infertiles know that they promise not to tell them to relax or ask when they will start having babies! What do you think? Talk it out.

Also: Today is CD1! AF made her very own appearance after just 45 days, which is an improvement over 99 days before I had the hysteroscopy. . . I will consider this progress!

Hopefully, I've successfully distracted you from the fact that I am lame and have not (yet) followed through on my promise. Soon!


Anne said...

CUTE hair and love the bracelet idea. That is funny that the hubbs was a little jealous. :)

Mrs. S said...

I'm so glad you got it! I'm sorry that my slacker self took so long to get it in the mail.

Oh, and way to tell Mr. Joe about our affair! So much for secrets! ;)