Monday, May 24, 2010

Be kind to me internets

Happy McFatty Monday!

True to my word (and a tiny bit late), here are my day 39 of 90 photos. First lets remember day 1:

Now I wish I had Mr. Joe take my day 1 picture because I know you are expecting something amazing, and I think you will be disappointed because you can't really see the tubbiness in this picture. Trust me, there's more tubbiness than what you think you see. Lets examine the picture a little closer shall we?

I tried to blow it up to call attention to the fatter parts. It's hard to see, but trust me its there. Now onto day 39 (please be nice to me!):

Here I am from the side:

I know it looks like I'm sucking in. It might be because I am. Don't judge.

Here is proof that there is less ham and more muscle. And that I am a huge dork. The faces I am making in these pictures are ridiculous. I would crop my face out if I wasn't so lazy. It takes me too long to upload photos and I'm at work and don't feel like it.

So there it is. I don't see a huge difference, but I know its there. I'm upping my cardio so I burn off my fat by my Florida trip, which is in one month and 2 days officially. I'm hoping to be thinner so I don't look like such a moose next to my thin skinny minnie sister. Trust me, you'll see what I mean. I hope everyone had a great week, and that continues into this week!


Mrs. M said...

You can totally tell in the tummy! Seriously, good job!

Kolby, Laura, Moe, and IDK said...

You're doing good! Keep up the hard work!

Mrs. S said...

Keep up the good work!!