Friday, May 7, 2010

Frustration Friday

I thought I would come up with a new thingy (you know a thingy - like McFatty Monday but not as cool cause I'm the only one participating) for friday. It's call Frustration Friday, alternatively titled EFF You Friday:

Firstly - the dbag I was just speaking with at work wished me a happy mother's day. WHO DOES THAT? It was like a poke in the eye! I had to control the snark when I said "Oh you too! douchebag!"

And secondly, what the hell is up with Fertility Frenemy??? First, I had cross hairs on CD16. Then, they took them away because my temp is all over the place. Now, they think I maybe ovulated on CD30? So much for magically turning normal. The signs for ovulation were all there. I even had a positive OPK. Isn't a lack of whatever hormone causes a positive OPK the cause of PCOS? Why did my doctors never ask me to chart?

Also: WHO WISHES BARREN BETTY A HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY?????? I cannot wait to rush home (after working at the movies tonight) and do Core Synergistics with my P90X friends. I bet they would never take my cross hairs away. Any opinions on why my chart looks so screwy?

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sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

I'm SO sorry about the d-bag...what a jerk!! Wish I could help with the chart but I'm not sure. Praying for you, especially tomorrow! :)