Tuesday, April 13, 2010

McFatty Tuesday

Sorry to come late to the party, but my pesky job got in the way of blogging yesterday. Lame.

Not much to report, Blair looks awesome, and has an adorable baby to exercise with, where as I . . . look blah and have no cute baby to use as free weight. I have a cat, but she is not as um, cooperative as a baby. That's ok though, the baby and looking awesome will come.

But they will not come unless I get off my fat hammy ass and DO SOMETHING ALREADY!! I've been doing little things here and there, but nothing consistent. So when my skinny and fertile friend Melissa face booked me about running in a 5k at an amusement park near my house, I decided to bite the bullet and just say yes. Yes, I, Tubby Mc FatArms will be running in a 5k in May. Immediately after agreeing, I felt barfy over it, but the run is for a guy with cancer or something, and you can't say no to cancer! So I have approximately a month and a half to be ready for this thing. I am going to start my training today after work with the Couch to 5k workout. Wish me luck. Tomorrow, I will post a picture to hopefully motivate me to stick with it. Anyone else use this workout?


MysteriousMindy said...

I used it, and although I didn't get through it because of some back problems, I thought it was a great program...good luck!

Steph said...

You have a new follower from Blair's website...and I love your blog pic. We're there almost every weekend :)