Wednesday, April 21, 2010

7 days down, um 83 to go!

Today is my rest day on P90X. I don't feel ripped yet, but I'm going to stick with it. It's mostly fun to do, if you like to be sweaty and have all of your fat jiggle around while you do endless squats and punch the air. Who doesn't like that?

At any rate, I definitely need to keep it up, at least until I lose my hammy arms. They're becoming hazardous to my health: Yesterday's workout was Kempo, which is a kind of martial art I think. It involves kicking and punching all Karate Kid style - and I'm pretty sure I can now defend myself, should I ever again be pretty and slender enough to attract an assailant. Anyway, it was close to the end of the workout, and we (by 'we' I mean myself and my cool new trainer Tony Horton and his band of workout goons) were squatting and punching the air. I was really getting into it. I was kicking air ass and taking names! Suddenly, the move changed from a jab to a cross, and when I furiously punched the air, my fat hammy arm KNOCKED ME IN THE FACE. I think I have a slight bruise.

Also? At the end of the workouts, they sometimes have advertisements for, which is the website that P90X is offered through. It's a bunch of fit people saying that they're there to support you online and blah blah blah. Towards the end of the commercial, it cuts to different people saying "I'm beachbody" and then it shows a large group of people on the beach (duh) shouting, "We're beachbody!" or something along those lines. I tried to take a picture of it:

Can you see why this disturbs me? Who is that random old lady in the neon green shorts, and how does her body qualify as a 'beach body"? Maybe she's only on day 7 too.

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Keep pressing play! Results will come if you keep doing your personal best. These dvds work for me because I am "punching the air" in the privacy of my own home without people staring at me. The gym is uncomfortable for a lot of people. Love your sense of humor. I used to laugh at the noises I make when I struggle with P90X. Julie