Monday, April 19, 2010

McFatty Monday - the one where I follow through on something

Happy Monday McFatties (please don't take offense, it's a term of endearment, I swear!)

So, last Tuesday I said that I was going to post a picture of my haminess so I would be motivated to stick with my plan. . . so since some of you (and Blair) have done it, here's mine:

Please pay no mind to the garbage behind me, the room we keep our mirror in is the guest/onedaynursery/putallofmybrother'sstuffinthere room and it's a disaster right now. I don't like how I look anymore. The other day, some high school friends posted old pictures on facebook from when we were all younger. Look how skinny I was then:

Don't you love my bangs? They started at the middle of my head. This was right after my bestie advised me that I needed to grow them out or I would never have a boyfriend ever. She changed my life with this advice.

Couch to 5k is going . . . ok. I need new running shoes because I feel like I am running barefoot. I also started P90X on Wednesday. Mr. Joe ordered it because his brother and cousins all did it and said it was awesome. So far, I have been pretty challenged by it. By challenged, I mean I wake up in the morning feeling like (p diddy?) I was hit by a truck and that I might have internal bleeding, but I'm taking that as a good sign. I like it better than the 30 day shred, because the trainer (Tony Horton) is not mean like Jillian. He's actually pretty cheesey, and I love cheese! There's like 12 workouts (I don't the actual number, but its more than 3) so I won't get bored and Mr. Joe is also doing it so we can motivate eachother. I also decided that I wasn't going to eat ice cream until our trip to Disney in June. I really wanted it on Saturday because it was such a crappy day and I could have used the pick me up, but I stayed strong because I imagined how good I will look in June if I could just make it until then. I'd like to say that that alone worked, but really it was because I was too sore to move off of the couch to go out and get it. Another bonus of P90X! The only down side of the video is on a few of them there's this blonde chick that I want to punch in the face. Other than that, I pretty confident I can stick with it for 90 days. I'm not sure if I will look like a model at the end of those 90 days, but at least I'm moving around after all of the weeks of looking for something to do!

Hope everyone has a great week!


Olivea said...

You are braver than me, I could never post a pic like that!

I was looking at pictures from when I was in high school the other day as well. It can be a motivator because you know that it is possible to be that size again!

nicolesspirit878 said...

Yeah for posting a pic. I always hate doing it but its great motivation and a great reference point. Also WHAAAT? P90X is wicked hard and my hats off to you on that one! Good luck and looking forward to the next update.

Mrs. M said...

I need to do an update pic, but unless I lose about 40 pounds, there will never be on of me in a bra :o)

Congrats on the P90X, I here it's brutal...

Krista said...

Okay, now I'm a little mad at you because I could always count on you to:
1.) not post a picture, even though you said you would (just like me) and
2.) not exercise, even though you said you would (just like me)....

Well thanks a lot for getting all motivated and doing AMAZINGLY!!! I guess that means that now I have to do something too... ::sigh::

But seriously though, GOOD FOR YOU! Keep it up!!! You inspired me last week to sign up for a 5K!! YIKES (granted it's sponsored by a local brewery and at the end you get free beer and pizza, but it's a start!!)

Hayley said...

Hi I'm a first time reader and I wanted to say that you are so freakin brave for posting a picture! I might consider doing it once I've reached my goals but never now! Good for you!

Blair@HeirtoBlair said...

I think you look great! (but I know that's not your end goal)

Girl, you are BRAVE with P90X. I shall stick with Jillian for now!