Monday, April 5, 2010

McFatty Monday

Please disregard any typos in this post, my keyboard may or may not be covered in green sugar crystals that may or may not have come from the green peeps that I maybe ate for breakfast. I am unable to confirm or deny it though, as I just woke up from an Easter candy coma.

He is risen!! Bring on the bunnies!!

Today is CD 2, so I have an extra 2 or 3 pounds of baggage from AF, so I'm still the same weight. I've been walking, but I think it's time to switch it up in order to lose more pounds before Florida. Last week, I decided that I absolutely CANNOT eat one more Lean Pocket. I almost vomit at the idea of eating another one. I just can't doing it anymore. That leaves me with a need for new lunch ideas. I need something quick and easy that I can grab and go to work with. Any quickie lunch ideas?

Mr. Joe is thinking of doing P90X and if he does, I think I will too. I still haven't found a Zumbaa class in my area, but thats mostly because I haven't really looked hard enough :-)

Hope everyone has a great week! Happy Monday!


Mrs. M said...

A good one (when it's cold especially) is oatmeal. I also do bagel sandwiches, or if I'm short on time I just do bagels with pb on them. We get these great mini bagels. Soup? Tuna kit thingies? Those are my other short on time go to's.

Mrs. M said...

Oh, and Boca anything, fruit and veggies. I grab that a lot.

Victoria said...

Thanks for your comment!

Good luck with your weightloss and let me know how the P90X is, I've been dying to try that but it seems so.. hard :P

Veronica said...

I'm inendated with Jelly Bellys. That's ok. I love them.

aimerss said...

remind me: I know multiple zumba classes in your area.

also, have you tried smart ones for lunch? sometimes at stop n shop they are 10 for $10!!! :o)