Friday, June 25, 2010

Some Random Thoughts on this NSYNC video

Even though I am slightly embarrassed to admit that my friends and I watched this video over and over again when we were 16, I still get nostalgic for these guys. They just seemed like the perfect men. Especially Lance. We should have known that he was gay, he was just TOO perfect.

Now that I am a little more mature, watching this video makes me realize how blinded by love I was. Today, I am pondering the following:

1) Did Justin just come back from orbiting the moon before this concert? And why was his ADIDAS spacesuit 3 sizes too big for him?? The rest of the crowd seems to be wearing shorts and tees. Is he not sweltering in the spacesuit?

2) I know this was like 1998, but were camouflage overalls still cool? Were they ever cool?

3) What is the point of all of those hangy things off of JC's vest? It looks like he parachuted in. Maybe out of Justin's spaceship?

Hopefully I have distracted you from the fact that you will not get a picture of me this week. Mr. Joe and I have been a little busy and he hasn't had the time for photo shoot. So You'll just have to wait until next week when I return home from the happiest place on earth EEEEEEEEEEE. Will you miss me?


Mrs. S said...

Have fun!

chrissy said...

i remember us watching this all.the.time. there was something seriously wrong with us. but im pretty sure even back then we realized jc's vest was weird. also...forget the camo overalls....all of chris' outfit needs to go, even his hair. ew. and lance wasnt perfect. remember? we used to notate on his lack of dancing skillz. i think n*sync did once too. also why is joey hardly ever seen and why does chris look like he is completely confused. he has a dumb look on his face every time they show him. i do like how justin says this is what we're gonna do. bc he does the same thing years later in his senorita song. hahaha at least i think it was that song.

Anne said...

OMG how have I not ever seen this?? I used to be equally obsessed with them like any other teenage girl. I do not remember baggy clothes being that in style but they must have been...!