Monday, June 7, 2010

McFatty Monday

It's my favorite day again!
Not really - but I figure if I keep saying it every week, one day I will come to love Monday as I love Saturdays. I have a feeling that might mean a change in career, but we'll keep working at it until then.
So here is my McFatty update: I am still at 150lbs after the plague, which gives me a pretty decent chance to make my 145 lbs goal by Florida, so I will maybe not look like a giant next to my tiny sister. Today is day 58 of P90X. I am already planning my next round after this one is finished. I will either do the classic version of P90X (there's a Classic, Lean and Doubles round. Lean is less lifting and weights and Doubles is double workouts for crazy people) or this new program that Beachbody is putting out, Turbofire. I think I just like the video they put together for it. The slow-mo gladiator music in infomercials always reels me in. It looks like it could be fun. Then I could do P90X again after that . . . and go on that way for the rest of my life. Or I could get really fat again and then start from scratch! OR . . .and how about this one - I could actually get KNOCKED UP and not be able to do crazy workouts for 9 months! I know crazy idea right?
Blair's post today made me hungry already. This is a good sign seeing as my appetite was gone when I was in the throes of the plague. I'm going to go eat breakfast now. Good luck everyone this week!


Mrs. S said...

Keep up the good work!!

LittleMsCupcake said...

Hope you're feeling better. Good luck making your goal for FL - you can do it!

Olivea said...

Glad you are feeling better!

karma-dee said...

The workout video music gets me, too! Good luck with your goal!