Thursday, June 10, 2010

Better Now

I googled "the hills are alive . . ." chose "images" and this is what I found. Naturally, I found Julie Andrews' picture as well. This one just spoke to me more I guess :-).
Thank you all for your encouragement after I posted my temper tantrum. Your support, as always, means a great deal to me. I am better now.
For the most part, my change of mood came from a visit I had with Mr. Joe's cousin's grandmother last night. She has a very unique gift and also drops f-bombs. All of the things you would expect from a sweet Irish grandmother. She has given me so much hope that it has completely turned my funky mood around. Today, I received FANTASTIC, amazing news that has just solidified the faith that I have after last night's visit. Great, great things are happening.
In addition to her grandmother, Mr. Joe's cousin also let me borrow a book that she just finished reading - A Few Good Eggs by Julie Vargo and Maureen Regan. I'm only page 6 of the book (these pesky callers keep interrupting me, making me do work) but so far it is seems to be speaking directly to me (because, of course EVERYTHING is about me. MEMEMEMEMEME.).
You should read it. Or you should continue to stay tuned, because I am sure that I will be sharing my reactions to this book as I read it. Assuming these annoying people stop calling about their piddly annuities and let me read two sentences for Pete's sake!
The cherry on this good mood sundae would be if a marvelous new job offer fell in my lap and I could yell, "Suck it, Trebeck!!" into my headset. I'm crossing my fingers!!
And also, I ovulated on Monday, according to fertility frenemy, and we definitely did it that night. So I'm crossing my toes too, which also look like fingers.

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Hoping for our own Peanut said...

Loved that book! Enjoy it!

And, thank you for all the kind words and support on my blog. Youre wonderful. :)