Friday, September 24, 2010

Soooooo is the 2ww ever a 3ww?

Its CD32 and so far . . . nothing has happened.

I have not seen a BFP. I have not seen anything remotely resembling AF.
Any guesses at what's going on? There's really only two options here, but what happens when you can't confirm either of those options?

I'm trying to wait patiently for one or the other to happen. I am not a patient person though. Every now and then, I feel a "knocking" in there, like my uterus is telling me it's getting ready to give me something - but no indications as to what that something will be. My hope is that it's a baby, but if we're being truthful with one another Internet, I just want to KNOW for Pete's sake!


Livin' on love! said...

I've had those cycles before..and they really make me angry, because after the 2ww all you want is to know what the answer is. Lets hope it's a baby and not AF playing tricks on you! crossing my fingers!!

Mrs. S said...

TORTURE. I have been there. Sometimes I think AF was trying to teach me a lesson in patience, but NEWS.FLASH. it didn't work.

I hope that it is allll baby for you! If it is? Your baby is a stinker already and when they're 13 you can add this to the reasons to ground them. lol

Krista said...

My 2ww was actually a little over a 3ww! I'm so sorry that you have to wait and deal with this! I am hoping and praying that you get the result you want!!!!
::crosses fingers and whispers with eyes squeezed tight "baby for mrs. joe, baby for mrs. joe"::