Thursday, July 15, 2010

Apparently I didn't cross them hard enough.

So the super awesome job I interviewed for is not mine. They decided to hire internally, to which I say, THANKS FOR WASTING MY TIME TURDS! I won't lie, I took the news pretty hard. I was at work and after I hung up the phone, I silently sobbed at my desk for a minute or two. Then I asked Chrissy (who I chat with on gmail) to help me list all of the reasons why I didn't want that job anyway. We came up with about 3:

1)It was further away than this stupid job is and Mr. Joe and I want to move closer to home
2)I could not chat on gmail with Chrissy at the new job like I can now
3)I would end up busting my ass at work and not getting paid OT because I would be exempt

Though listing the reasons helped a little, the rejection still stung like a hot-pavement knee scrape. That night for dinner, I kind of went overboard and had 3 chalupas and a soft taco, followed by an ice cream sundae. Oops.

Today, the search is back on for a new job - so if you have a spare moment, send whatever prayers / positive thoughts / good juju you can afford my way please. My hammy arms can't take much more rejection.


Anonymous said...

I know it seems like a bummer right now, but it's just bc there is something better waiting for you. I can say these things 'casue I'm old and I know! Sending positive thoughts!!
Good Luck!

Mrs. S said...


Reason #4) They totally didn't deserve, and probably couldn't handle, your awesomeness.

I'm sending you positive job-search vibes. You'll find something!

LittleMsCupcake said...

I'm sorry : (

I've gotten that hiring internally line before too an it totally sux. I bet there's something bigger and better for you around the corner!