Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Here I Am!

Sorry for the brief hiatus there, I wasn't planning on taking a mini break. It just sorta happened that way. Here is an update on all things Mrs. Joe:

1) I still hate my job. Still looking for a new job - which basically, means I apply for anything and everything that is not call center. I think at this point I would clean elephant assholes if it paid relatively the same and rescued me from this place. (What would my title be? Assholetologist? I feel like I am pretty well qualified to perform that job.)

2) Still working on weight loss, just not as arduously as before. We've been really busy around here, seeing as it's busy time at my phone monkey job and at the movies and the house and yard are still in DESPERATE need of upgrading and improvement. I've lost motivation to workout after spending all of my time hating my job and busting my ass at my house. I definitely need to find that motivation again. Does anyone know how to find lost motivation?

3) Still not preggers, though I am taking Clomid this cycle to see what happens. This is my one and only Rx for it, so hopefully it does something. I have read alot about the symptoms and so far, I have had ZERO. At least, I think I have had zero. Every time I feel remotely warm I think to myself (in a loud inside-my-head voice), IS THIS A HOT FLASH? DOES ANYONE ELSE LOOK HOT?? HOW WILL I KNOW??? As a result I end up constantly gauging the internal thermostats of my coworkers and checking them with my own. They must think I'm queer.

4) Mr. Joe and I have started this new, radical idea for our marriage and finances. It's called Let One Person Take Care of the Bills Using Only One Joint Account. It's a relatively new concept in running a household. Instead of having three checking accounts (one for me, one for him, one for us), we now have just one account that we put all of our money in. I know it sounds crazy, right? This all stemmed from the constant overdraft fees I was accumulating (37 bucks each time friends) every time I neglected to move money into the right account or I forgot that a payment was coming out. Mr. Joe just about divorced me, but instead decided that he was taking away my debit card and giving me an allowance. So at 27 years of age, I have an allowance. It's not a set amount of money per week or anything, but basically whatever amount of cash Mr. Joe hands to me is my spending money until he has more cash for me. He hands me cash about once (sometimes twice!) a week. Then he pays all of the bills. This is working out splendidly because a) I don't have to do anything and b) magically, when I don't have my debit card, I end up with hundreds left over at the end of every pay period.

So that about covers it. I'll try to keep everyone updated more often. I know how you guys hang on my every word. I do have a funny story to share about a creepy stalker I have at the movies and an arm wrestling stalker that Mr. Joe has at his job.

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MysteriousMindy said...

We ended up going to the one-account, one-person responsible deal as well for the same reasons. I spend alot more and am more organized than hubby so I take care of it which works out because he barely spends money so it's not hard to keep track of how much we have. It may seem crazy to others, but it works for us!