Thursday, July 8, 2010

Vacation Summary

I'm so sad to be back to my real life! I wish I could live at Disney World forever, however, I would not want to live at the POP Century forever. I love me some Disney hotels, but the bed in our room was horrendous. Mr. Joe and I normally sleep on a huge king bed, and these were tiny baby beds in comparison. I think I slept for a total of 30 minutes the whole trip. Naturally, that didn't keep me from being up at the crack of dawn every day to go out to the parks though. Poor Mr. Joe. I wear him out. Here are some pictures: This is my favorite statue, but it kinda makes me sad when I see it. Walt is pointing down Main Street towards another statue of his brother, Roy sitting on a bench with Minnie, pointing to the person he will leave in charge when he dies. Morbid. There's more to the explanation, but I don't want to sound like HUGE dork, so there it is: my favorite statue.

These are my parents. They paid for my entire family to go down for this trip. Aren't they cute? My Dad's shirt says "I'm with Dopey" and my Mom's says "I'm with Grumpy".

Mr. Joe and my niece were matchy matchy. I thought it was cute.

Mr. Joe, my little brother, my sister and I all drank around the world at EPCOT. We made it to all but one of the countries. It was a rough night, needless to say :-) PS: best drink ever? A Grand Mariner Orange Slushy drink in France. HOLY DELICIOUS DRINK BATMAN!

My little (HA) brother and Mr. Joe matched on this day.

I'm so cheesy I made Mr. Joe pose with me. He was so drunk that obliged.

It was a pretty short trip in all. When we came back, we stayed at a room at Foxwoods casino and tried to go out with friends that met us there, but we were exhausted by 9pm. Then, on the last day of vacation, I had a job interview at an insurance company for an AMAZING job that is NOT IN A CALL CENTER!!! Cross your fingers, toes and legs (unless you're trying to get knocked up ladies) that they liked me! Not once during the interview did any warning bells go off in my head, so that 's good sign right? Hope so. Missed you all terribly, glad to be back!


Anne said...

Great pictures!! Love the last one, and the one with the orange slurpee, you totally look topless, lol. :) I LOVE strapless shirts though..!

Mrs.Joe said...

I know! I debated about putting it up because it looks like I'm running around drunk and naked, but I swear I was clothed and the most sober of the rest of my family!! lol

Mrs. S said...

I'm glad you had a good trip. Good luck with the job interview!

Krista said...

1.) Holy strapless shirt and looking hot in it... thank you P90X, you are a living commercial for it, I might just have to do it!!
2.) GOOD LUCK with the job, I am crossing everything on my body that will cross because I totally get hating every minute of my job, and therefore life...
3.) SO jealous of your trip!!!

LittleMsCupcake said...

Glad you had a great vacation! I never knew that about the partners statue. Oh, and I love the grand marnier slushies too -- yum!