Tuesday, February 8, 2011

15 Weeks - to the day, no less!

I am 15 weeks today! I'm 3 weeks into the 2nd trimester now, and the barfiness has been lessening. I'm still getting sick, but it seems to come for a shorter time and not as often. My fingers are crossed that it goes away completely still like everyone promises it will, but I'm not holding my breath :-)

I can only wear maternity pants now - and they are magical! Problem is, I only have three pairs so I've been trying to mix up my wardrobe as much as possible so no one notices I have three pairs of pants and leggings. I'm sure no one pays attention to what I'm wearing, but I'll feel a little more confident once I have a few more pairs of pants. I wish it was warmer so I could wear flowy dresses instead. I have a picture but you'll have to wait until my slooooooooooow phone sends it to my email before you can see my tubbiness.

I've had the strangest cravings for vinegary and salty foods. It's strange because normally I cannot stand vinegar, but lately - I practically want to drink it by the gallon! And while it's cliche, I LOVE dill pickles. I can't have enough pickles in my day.

Not sure if I've felt movement or not yet, but sometimes I feel something going on down there. I'd like to think it's BabyJoe and not gas but I have no idea what baby movement actually feels like. I can't wait until he's bigger and I KNOW that it's him moving around in there. I can't believe I'm already 15 weeks, but it seems like my due date is forever away. I'm so excited for this summer that it feel like waiting for 10 Christmases!

Sorry for the boring update. Maybe I should start doing one of those questionnaire thingies that everyone else does. I hope everyone has a great week! Only 12 days to go until I'm in Florida!!

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