Thursday, February 17, 2011

Best Diet Ever?

Here I am, from last week. Looking like a tool as per usual. I gotta get Mr. Joe to take these pictures for me. I look this same this week, so I'm not going to take one. Here are my stats thus far:

How far along? 16 Weeks!
Total weight gain/loss: I am down 10lbs since my BFP. My Dr FINALLY wrote me a script for meds.
How big is baby? The size of an avocado? MMMMMM guacamole.
Maternity clothes? Yep most of the time.
Sleep: I can stay awake now, which is fabulous. I don't have any trouble with sleep.
Best moment this week: Um. . . I don't know. Maybe realizing that after this Friday, I'm done working for the month of February?
Movement: Sometimes, I think so. I've never had a baby before so I don't know if its BabyJoe or just gas.
Food cravings: Mr. Joe's mac 'n cheese, pickles and HOT DOGS, sweet Lord, HOT DOGS. With sour kraut and relish. PLEASE can I have just one?
Gender: Pretty sure we have a boy!
Labor Signs: no, thank you.
Belly Button in or out? I have an innie, so I think it will prolly stay this way the whole time.
Stretchmarks? I only have stretchmarks on my boobs from way back in the day. None anywhere else.
How are you feeling? Barfy as usual. Excited for Florida!!
What I am looking forward to: VACATION! I love my new job, but oh boy, do I need a break from this cold weather and dirty snow.
What I miss: Nothing. I miss absolutely nothing from before I was pregnant. Not even hot dogs really.
Weekly Wisdom: I don't really have much wisdom. . . .I'm a rookie. Feel free to share your wisdom with me if you have it.
Milestones: Making it 4 full months almost halfway there!

I'm pretty content with everything right now. Even feeling sick all the time doesn't bother me much. I would like to start gaining weight though. I don't think its good for BabyJoe for me to continue to lose. I started at 163 and I'm down to 153. It took me a lot of P90 and hard work to lose that much weight before, now it's just falling off. I'm not sure where it's coming from though - I feel like I look the same, with a bigger gut. AND NOW, TMI: why do people always joke that pregnant people never want to have s-e-x? I think that is a bunch of bologna. Since getting knocked up, it's been amazing. Like, way better than ever before - maybe it's not like that for everyone, but it is for us (YAY!). Mr. Joe has this book that was given to him by our friends. It's about pregnancy from a guy's point of view. It's pretty sarcastic in most areas, and the main running theme is that your wife will turn into a nun after she sees a BFP. I want to write to this guy and tell him maybe HIS wife just didn't find him attractive anymore, but that would be mean and I need to set a good example for BabyJoe so I didn't.
My next picture will be from the Happiest Place on Earth, and I cannot wait!! I hope everyone has a marvelous weekend :-)


Mrs. S said...

Have a wonderfully fabulous vacation!

Krista said...

I've had like 6 hot dogs since I got pregnant. You TOTALLY can have them! You just can't have a ton because of the nitrates, but a few won't kill you!
Can I have that diet, please? Not that I'm sure you're extremely excited to still be losing weight, but getting skinnier while your bump gets bigger? Amazing.
You look adorable, totally obvious you're pregnant!
HAVE FUN IN FLORIDA! I can't say enough how jealous I am!!!!!

Gastric Bypass Diet said...


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Mrs.Joe said...

Hello Gastric Bypass Diet,
I was being sarcastic. Pregnancy is not the best diet ever. Not sure if you picked up on that.

Ronnie said...

Its good cuz you get smaller so bump looks more pronounced! I shall cook you hotdogs with said kraut and relish for your fancy meal.

Ronnie said...

Nevermind, I will not contribute to you eating hot dogs. Pick something else.