Wednesday, June 22, 2011

34 weeks

Confession: This is my 32 week picture. Imagine me slightly larger and more lazy than the girl in this picture and you have an accurate idea of what I look like today.
I can't believe I'm 34 weeks. BabyJoe will be here in about a month!! I can't wait to have an outside baby - I'm pretty sure it will be way better than having a 34 week belly. Speaking of belly, mine is now covered in stretch marks. It literally happened over the course of a day. I woke up and saw 3 teeny tiny ones next to my belly button, and then by the end of the day it was a full blown party of stretch marks from the bottom of my belly button down! Apparently, all of my marathon eating before getting knocked up didn't prepare my gut for BabyJoe's expansion.
This weekend is the last of my baby showers. The first one I had was on June 4th. We have so many different outfits. So many in fact, that I really hope people buy off of the registry this time around or I will have to return a lot of clothes so I can get things that this kid will really need, like bedding and breastfeeding stuff. I understand that its fun to buy baby clothes, and I am guilty of buying them just because they are cute and little, but some of the stuff that people have bought for this boy are (at the risk of sounding ungrateful) totally lame. It may be the hormones, but I have come to HATE anything that says "Mommy loves me" or "Daddy loves me" and that seems to be the majority of what the clothes I have say. I don not feel the need to advertise that we love our baby. OF COURSE WE LOVE OUR BABY!! See? I'm full blown crazy now.
I'm sorry I don't have more exciting things to write about, aside from my hatred of lame baby clothes. Work is keeping me busy throughout the day and then the rest of my time is filled in with getting ready for BabyJoe. I've been reading all of your blogs - and I'm cheering you on, even if I don't comment. Hopefully I will be much more exciting after the baby gets here. No promises though so don't hold your breath :-)

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Hoping for our own Peanut said...

You look great! I cant believe youre almost ready to push that baby out!!

I hear you about the showers. Its frustrating when people dont buy off the registy. That is WHY you took the time to make one..its what you NEED. Girls are the worst because everyone wants to buy the pretty pink things!

Enjoy these weeks..and every little kick. :)