Saturday, May 14, 2011

28 ish weeks

Good morning internets!
What has me up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday you ask?
The three hour glucose test, of course!

That's right - I failed the one hour glucose test, which earned me the pleasure of doing it again for THREE hours. Here's the thing: I LOVE me some sweets, but I HATE drinking things that are sugary. I only drink water and diet coke and extremely watered down apple juice. We're talking 90% water, 10% juice. So having to drink that nasty glucola crap was like pure torture. Having to do it twice must be karma for something terrible that I've done in the past but can't seem to recall now. Whatever I did karma, I'm sorry. Very, very sorry. Please don't let me have gestational beetus.

I'm currently at the hospital in an empty cafe typing on their thousand year - old computer to kill time. So far, I've killed 20 minutes of the 3 hours. And it was a long and painful battle to kill them. I forgot a book because I'm at the stage where I'm braindead. So, here I am.

What else can I tell you about? My friend Kelli in Texas had her some babies over Easter weekend. I'm sure they're adorable, but I've yet to see pictures as proof. I'm waaaaaaaiting! :-)

Oh! And I full - on peed my pants yesterday when I sneezed. To be honest, it's only been about a year and a half since I last peed my pants, but that was on my sister's birthday and was as a result of being slightly intoxicated and way too giddy. This time, I was stone cold sober and I didn't even have to go! I was getting ready to do some laundry in my dusty laundry room when out of no where I had this crazy powerful sneeze that almost knocked me on my ass. Then BLAM - wet pants. Marvelous.

So clearly I fail at processing sugars and holding my bladder. I'm going to be an awesome mom, I bet.
I also fail at taking a 28 week picture and blogging.

Tomorrow Mr. Joe and I are headed to the park with his family for family portraits! Can I tell you happy I am that Mr. Joe's mother decided to do family pictures while I was 7 months pregnant? I hope you can sense my sarcasm. While I love being pregnant, wet pants and all, I'm not very pleased with how I look right now. It's not that I think I look huge and hideous, but I've looked better, and I don't see the harm in waiting a few more months and taking the pictures when I look like a normal human being again. AND I have an outside baby to be in the pictures too! Apparently that is a terrible idea. Oh well.

Almost time for me to get my blood drawn. Then only two more hours to go! Wish me luck and think low sugar level thoughts for me. The idea of not getting to eat cake until after BabyJoe is here makes me weepy.

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