Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Was it the best Christmas ever? I have no proof.

Well. After a weekend full of Christmastime activities and then a blizzard to top it off, I am tired!! I hope everyone had as great of a holiday as we did.
Just how great of a holiday did we have?
It was a good one. You'll have to trust me, because I realized I did not take one single picture to capture any of it.
The Joes are going to suck as parents, I think.
There would have been tons of great picture opportunities, too. Like when our parents opened their framed pictures of Baby Joe. Or when Mr. Joe dressed in plus sized women's Christmas themed clothing for a competition with the boys. Oh, why did I not take any pictures????
Maybe because I was too busy barfing and sleeping. And defending the fact that I don't want to eat seafood or deli meats or change the kitty litter BECAUSE THESE ARE REAL PRECAUTIONS, NOT JUST SOMETHING I MADE UP.
People don't seem to understand that I have waited what seems like eons for this child, and that I will do NOTHING to screw it up. If that means walking on my hands for nine months, then so be it. I pity the fool who has something to say about it. So it was only natural when the funsucker (have I mentioned the funsucker on here before?) said something about how I was overreacting by not eating deli meat that I let her know that she was going to be a terrible mother.
The funsucker, if I haven't mentioned her before, is Mr. Joe's cousin's girlfriend. She is horrible and sucks the fun out of everything. EVERYTHING. Even Christmas. I coined the name almost immediately after meeting her and the name has stuck. I don't think Mr. Joe's cousin knows about it, but I'm pretty sure if he did, he would agree. She must have beer flavored nipples, because she is terrible. But I digress.
Anyway, no pictures, but a fabulous holiday. We're going to tell our friends on New Year's eve, and then that's really it. No one else will really know until I start showing. I've been telling people not to say anything on facebook or in public. Seeing announcements or hearing news through the grapevine still stings. Although we have finally made it here, I don't think I will ever forget that feeling. That's why I don't plan on making a huge announcement. I don't want to inflict that kind of feeling on anyone. Know what I mean?
If I don't get on here again this week, I hope everyone has a fantastic and safe New Year's!

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