Friday, December 17, 2010

Sorry for the brief hiatus . . .

This will be a long and boring update on my life since I last spoke to you, don't say I didn't warn you . . .

We took a mini trip to NYC Thursday night into last Friday. Despite being exhausted and barfy, I had a great time. It was about 26 degrees, but felt like 4 degrees, so we popped in and out of places all over the city. We went to the Disney store (not the world of Disney anymore) in Times Square, Rockefeller Center, and this really nice bar that our friend Mike (who we were staying with) frequents. We had dinner at THE GROSSEST TGI Fridays EVER. DO NOT EVER go to the TGI Fridays in Times Square. It was dirty and nasty, and being in the barfy stage of pregnancy I was in the bathroom a lot. The bathroom was beyond disgusting. There was trash all over the place, of the litter and people variety, and it smelled horrible. The minute we arrived at home, I wrote a letter.
Enough about that though, here are some pictures:
James and Mike:
The tree!!
This is me looking super tired. I was having a good time, but I don't think that really is coming through in this photo:-)
Friday, we spent the day walking through the city. Mike lives about 3 blocks from Central Park, so we started the day by walking through the park. It was so nice to have nothing to do but hang out together and relax. As we strolled through the park, we talked about the future and Baby Joe and how excited we were. If Baby Joe sticks, we'll have a baby just months after Mr. & Mrs. B, which we are stoked for. That was the whole reason for the Baby Phone Tree! The whole day felt surreal. I still can't believe that this is happening!
Training for the new job is going really well. I am learning so much about short term disability, which I will just so happen to need in 9 months or so :-) I truly think this was the right move for me.
As far as being knocked up, so far it hasn't been so bad. I've only been sick a few times and I am exhausted beyond belief, but I'm not complaining. In fact, anytime I feel too "normal" and start to panic that this is all going away, I talk to Baby Joe and ask him/her to make me sick and tired. My baby listens to me and she/he doesn't even have ears yet :-)
I am in complete denial that Christmas is in a week. I've done zero shopping. I have my first appointment on 12/21, and that's all I can think about. So my shopping will most likely start on 12/22 . . .better late than never!

Sorry this is long and boring. Hopefully I have a more exciting post on Wednesday for you all!

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:o) barfy = good! love you!