Monday, November 22, 2010

McFatty Monday

Seeing as my girl Krista has to abandon McFatty Monday, I thought I would start up again - carry the torch so to speak. I've been following along with everyone's MM posts, just not posting one of my own.
So far, P90X is going along fine. I fell right back in, but I think I am going to repeat phase one because I was definitely phoning it in the first two weeks. I am slowly losing weight again, and I'm thinking about doing C25K with Mr. Joe. That makes three times I have mentioned running the C25K program and zero times I have actually done it. This time though guys - I mean business.
Another huge part of my weight loss - or lack thereof - is my eating habits. Both Mr. Joe and I suck at eating healthy. I have been trying to remedy that, but it's slow going. In my recent efforts to distract myself from babymaking, I have been becoming more domestic - I have cleaned and organized almost every closet in the house, our room is spotless and orderly (we live like adults now instead of frat boys!), I have taken over all laundry and cleaning detail, too. I have even been baking cookies, which those of you who know me irl know that it is no small feat to get me to create something that is edible. One time, I tried to make a peanut sauce and basically ended up eating peanut butter covered noodles for 3 days straight because I refuse to throw food out. EWWWW.

Anyway, I didn't mean to get off on a tangent, but my point is this: the next phase of my domestication is going to involve cooking dinner, and making lists and meal plans and all of that happy horseshit. Do any of you do this? What goes into planning out meals - and sticking to that plan? I'm looking for your expert McFatty advice. Hope everyone has a great week!


Livin' on love! said...

I make lists all the time! (probably got that one from my mom, lol)That's how hubs and I shop. It works well. I make a lot of meals that can be frozen and heated up later. It's just easier for us. I make a list of the ingredients, and sometimes I will buy extra, so we have them on hand. It just makes like simpler. Just think of what kinds of food you guys like, and then bam! You're set. If you need any recipies, I have a bunch I could loan to you :)

Krista said...

You are too hilarious. And I'm glad that you're taking the torch, now I can be like Gillian and yell if you don't do it. (though we both know how many times we've said that we'll motivate eachother and look how well that's worked, hehe.)I can't put it at a full hault though because I also have to make sure I don't gain the 50 something pounds back that I gained the first time around!!! So, I'll be right there with you, just maintaining :)
I'm going to get back to the C25K program next week, I swear! DO IT!!!
Now, Meal Planning: It actually makes cooking WAY easier, I just started doing it! Before I go shopping, I pick out 4 or so recipes I want to make (usually from the WW cookbook) and write down all of the ingredients I don't have. I then go buy them. If I buy all the stuff, the I feel so obligated to make it, rather than just buying a bunch of random meats and sides that I can make any time and then deciding I'll just have nachos instead :) It gives me so much more control!
If you REALLY need to be domestic and run out of stuff to do? I have a whole house in need of organization, just sayin!

Krista said...

Looking at my comment, I wish I had hit enter a few more times... too late now... just gonna have to go blind trying to get through it. Sorry :)

chrissy said...

pat is a fatty. the only way he can stick to a diet is if he eats the same.exact.thing every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. our meal plan is steam ready veggies which are actually pretty good, i eat rice and then we cook chicken on the top of the stove and get to add our own spices when we are done. it makes me sad bc you know i can cook but i would be the only one eating my delicious food and id get fat(ter) and sad =( hope your meal planning goes better than that.

Mrs. M said...

I meal plan, not consistently, and not perfectly, but enough that it seems to help our eating habits and our wallets.

I use a lot of recipes off of the website (they have a great recipe/shopping list maker and food tracker) and after you click on the recipes you want it automatically makes a list for you! You can delete the things you already have on hand, and there you go. I try to plan for about 3 meals a week, and we usually have left overs or something simple the other nights, like grilled chicken or fish and veggies.

I also try to make double of some things so I can freeze one and reheat it later, when we're in a pinch, like quiches, chili, soups, pasta. This has helped a lot.

I started my C25K two weeks ago and I love it! Do it, you won't regret it!