Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hello out there . . . .

Lately I have been thinking about what I really want to do with my life. I am positive that I DO NOT want to keep my career as a call center monkey for the rest of my working days, unless there is a call center where the clients call in to compliment you on what a great job you're doing. This job definitley has it perks, I get to window shop on the internet and read blogs all day, and every once in a great while, if the conditions are perfect, Hulu isn't blocked and I can watch tv shows, but I can feel myself becoming increasingly annoyed with the people that call in on a regular basis.
All this to say, I know this is not what makes me happy. Unfortunately, I seem able to come up with a list of careers that I know I am not meant to have. The first of which is call center rep, followed by a looooong list of other "choices". I often ask myself (not outloud, that would make me a crazy lady) what I would like to for work that I would be satisfied with. When I interviewed for this job, I was asked what my dream job would be. Without thinking (until the words were already tumbling out of my mouth), I told my interviewers that if I could be anything, ANYTHING AT ALL, I would be an . . . (are you ready for this?) attraction attendant at Splash Mountain in the Magic Kingdom. The instant it left my lips, my inner voice of logic was screaming, "No no no!! You might as well have told them you wanted to be the fry girl at Wendy's (mmmmfries . . .said my inner stomach voice). INTERVIEW OVER!" They must have been desperate, because they hired me the next day despite my ridiculous answer.
Silly as it may sound, the honesty of that answer has been haunting me. What is it about that job that would make it my dream job? The obvious reason, is that its in my favorite place on Earth. Is it because I could use my imagination while working? Maybe because I would be making people happy? I would get to wear that super cool frontier - woman getup. I could get into the Disney parks for free. Life would be AMAZING!
Or would it? From conversations I have had with mouse employees (and by watching a hillarious episode of South Park) I have determined that the mouse rides his workers pretty hard. They are overworked and underpaid, and I could accomplish all that appeals to me about the job by working at the Disney Store at the mall. So now I am back to square one. I wish I could find a job where I had unlimited vacation days, but never felt the need to take a vacation. I wish they had career day at work here.

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aimerss said...

A previous mouse employee wishes to tell you that you may lose all the glitter and the glam that makes it the most magical place in the world if you were to be that fabulous attendant.. however, that does seem to be a pretty sweet job. unless of course it is raining, bc remember, where you load and unload, is open to the elements... xoxo love you soap scum