Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Catching up some more

<p>So picking up where I left off, I was finally starting to be normal again. Babyjoe and I had a routine where he would eat roughly every four hours and I fell in love with Craig Ferguson at 3 in the morning. Babyjoe was the most awesome baby ever. We went everywhere from the beginning. <br>
I'm posting from my phone again so these pictures are probably going to be all out if order. We went to an oyster festival where Orion met his best friend Jake, who's 5 weeks older than he is. Jake is the son of Mr. Joe's best friend. Its been awesome having a couple who have a baby the same age. Its also been hard not to compare the two. Anyway, it was so easy to bring babyjoe along. It still is.<br>
There's also the obligatory first bath picture.<br>
He loved baths.<br>
Around 7 weeks or so, he started sleeping pretty close to through the night. He was still in our room, in the cosleeper. This was just in time for me to freak out about going back to work. We lucked out with family members watching the baby as I went back. This helped tremendously since we were starting to go broke after 6 weeks of maternity leave pay lol.
We went to our first concert, which was Darius Rucker. He thought it was awesome.
I started to work more from home, which really helped me feel better about working. I could still be around him and make the bacon at the same time!
So many pictures left. I will blog from my computer next time so that my posts are not so short and sucky.

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