Sunday, September 11, 2011

Because now I Picnik the shit out of pictures of my baby:

Orion was one month on 8/30! He hasn't really done anything exciting in his first month of life, besides sleep a little less. The faces he makes in the morning when he's stretching are so cute. I just want to eat him up. I have several nicknames for him: Big Baby (the baby character from Toy Story 3), Turd (because it felt like I pooped him out after I had him - which? Why didn't anyone talk about the destruction that is your vagina after childbirth? Maybe they did and I didn't listen.), Baby O, and of course, BabyJoe. Now that the baby blues are completely gone, our days are everything I've ever wanted.

So cheesy - I know! I intend to blow this up ginormous sized and hang it all obnoxious style in our living room. Mr. Joe is thrilled I'm sure.

I am so, so blessed. Please know that if you are still waiting, I pray for you daily, even more now than before. God is so good!

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aimerss said...

i'm obsessed with him!!