Monday, June 30, 2008

vaccuming or vaccuuming or vacuuming?

One of my new favorite activities to perform as a secret super hero is vacuuming. Sadly, I was never quite sure how to spell it, so please forgive me if I have not spelled the word correctly. I don't care enough to spell check it. Anyway, when I was child, my evil mother would make me vacuum the whole hideously carpeted house with this old, smelly electrolux. Despite her claims that it had a lifetime guarantee and would never break, it never seemed to pick ANYTHING up off of the floor. I would lug it up the stairs (I'm pretty sure it weighed as much as I did at 8 years old) bitching and moaning the whole way, and once there I would practically get electrocuted turning it on. Then I would sweat as I pushed and pulled the unit all over the hallway until I could stand it no longer. My mother would always find pieces of lint and garbage on the floor that were missed and claim that I didn't put enough of an effort in. Usually, I would run the vacuum while picking up the individual pieces myself.
Now, after reading all of that, you're probably wondering why I would now find such a previously daunting task enjoyable. Firstly, as a household superhero, it is my duty to find my tasks enjoyable and rewarding. The REAL reason, however, is that I am the proud owner of a Dyson Slim. I love this vacuum more than any of my other appliances. It would beat the sorry bag of dirt I had to vacuum with as a child in no time flat. And because of the ease of use I have with this heavenly machine, vacuuming has turned into my peaceful thinking time. The other day, I spent and hour and a half vacuuming the two rooms that we frequent in my house. Of course, the Dyson had them clean in 10 minutes, but there is something about the quite hum of the motor and the lulling motion for pushing and pulling the ball over the floor that I find incredibly liberating. As if these blissful moments weren't enough, an added bonus is that the dogs are scared shitless of the thing and stay at the opposite end of the house!
The Dyson has allowed me to be more in tune with myself. The other day I decided to pursue law school while I was sucking dirt and cobwebs off of the basement stairs. No one would ever suspect me of being a superhero if I was a lawyer! My crazy life as a new wife by day has been turned upside down of late and I find myself wanting to vacuum in the middle of the night, although that would be a little foolish. Still, the peace that it brings me would probably be better than the sleepless nights I've been having. Of course, I could always fight the evils of soapscum if I can't sleep. As we all know, dirt and grime never rest.
So I guess this is my second post. An ode to my Dyson. Here's to the best appliance I ever had!

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